Collection: Dragon Waggin' Collection!

In the whimsical town of Dragontown, there was a dragon named Spark who had a unique obsession with cars. Unlike his fire-breathing brethren, Spark's flames were ignited by four wheels and an engine. One day, he stumbled upon a car dealership that had the perfect vehicle for a dragon of his taste. It was a Waggin'! Its sleek, fire-red design and dragon-friendly features were everything Spark had ever dreamed of. With a contented roar, he bought the Waggin' on the spot. From that day on, Spark became the talk of the town, cruising around Dragontown in his Waggin', a wide grin on his scaly face, forever embodying the answer to the question: "What's a dragon's favorite car?" A Waggin', of course!

Features Spark the dragon you t-shirt, youth hoodie, and youth blanket.