About Our Family's Fire-Breathing Venture


    Welcome to LC Dragon Shop, where fantasy and technology meet! We are a family-run business, born out of love for creativity, storytelling, and most importantly, dragons.

    Our Story

      Our story begins with two young, imaginative minds who have a passion for dragons. Our founders, Lily and Connor, believe in a world where dragons aren't just creatures of myth, but dynamic characters full of adventure, shrouded in mystery, and sources of intriguing tales. Our journey started right in our living room, with a sheet of paper, pencils, and a wild imagination. Today, we're proud to share that journey with you through our unique dragon-themed merchandise. 

      What We Do

        Here at LC Dragon Shop, we create and sell a unique range of dragon-inspired merchandise. Our custom T-shirts, mugs, stickers, and more are all decorated with our own, distinctive dragon characters and designs. But we don't just design merchandise - we tell stories. Every dragon in our pantheon carries its own tale, brimming with suspense, enigma, and unexpected journeys. 

        How We Do It

          Embracing the power of artificial intelligence, we're bringing our dragon tales to life like never before. We use AI to co-write our stories, transforming the imaginations of our young creators into enchanting tales. Our graphics too are AI enhanced, turning our whimsical sketches into vivid, captivating designs. Each creative design is based off a dragon either one of our founders created!

          Our Mission

            We aim to inspire creativity and imagination, not just in our own family, but in families around the world. By combining storytelling with cutting-edge technology, we hope to bring a bit of dragon magic into your lives, while also sparking a love for reading and art.


              Join us on this exciting adventure, and let's explore the world of dragons together! Shop our collection, read our stories, and become a part of the LC Dragon Shop family.